Central PA Real Estate Update: So You Want to Buy a Home?

house key with home sweet homeA good to place to start is the internet. You can find all the information you need for Central Pennsylvania real estate, right here on HersheyHouseHunt.com. What’s more, you don’t need to register, a requirement of many other real estate sites. I provide you with new listing updates and the ability to target and track your searches as you embark on the journey toward finding a new home.

Once you have selected the style of home you are interested in, a price range and the area you prefer, the next step is to contact a Realtor. This can be done easily on line. Your Realtor should be well versed as to market conditions and have a strong grasp of the financial options available to you. Ask for a testimonial or two. I’m always happy to provide them to clients when they ask.

When you’ve selected a Realtor to work with, arrange a tour of the homes you would like to inspect further. Ideally, you should choose no more than five at a time to prevent confusing one with another. Always go back for a second visit to those properties on which you are considering making an offer.

Next, meet with your Realtor to discuss an initial offering price and a target price you’re willing to accept, then let your Realtor start the negotiations. Note: Listen to your Realtor on price as he/she knows the market conditions best. Do not rely on the internet. As an example, if you check the Zillow Zestimate for Dauphin County, you’ll find that Zillow is only accurate 39 % of the time within a five percent margin, and 64% of the time within a ten percent margin. That translates to a $40,000 swing on a $200,000 property!

Once you and the seller have agreed upon a price, it’s time to work toward settlement. You’ll need to schedule a home inspection of the property (recommended), wood infestation, and possibly a radon test. Your Realtor has to start the process of a title search, mortgage payoff, prorated taxes, schedule a date and time for settlement, and coordinate with all parties involved. He/she must also monitor all timelines in the agreement, to be certain they are kept in force.

You’re on your way to a new home. Let the adventure begin! If I can help or provide more information, feel free to contact me. The path to a new home is an exciting one!

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